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World Dairy Expo: A Spotlight on New Technology

The periodic table is comprised of every known chemical element. While each one has its own unique qualities and important role, the table brilliantly groups and categorizes them by weight and type.

In a similar way, each dairy farm, and each company serving the farm, has important individual goals. But many of the unique goals and practices on the farm can be categorized into a few groups that many producers and companies will find they have in common. The World Dairy Expo Tech Spotlight in 2021 revealed a few of these key categories: animal welfare, profitability, efficiency, sustainability and traceability.

Showcase Spotlight

Through a series of pitches, and questions and answers from both industry experts and the audience, the WDE Tech Spotlight showcases the latest technologies available to dairy producers. Aidan Connolly, President of AgriTech Capital and host of the event, says, “The importance of technology is something that’s very clear to me, from the perspective of increasing productivity on the farm, efficiency on the farm, animal welfare, all while trying to be sustainable.”

Companies who presented during the in-person portion of this event in 2021 ranged from startup phase to recently having entered the U.S. market after a few established years in Europe. HerdDogg, milc group, Cainthus, Labby Inc., Livestock Water Recycling, Pharm Robotics, SmaXtec Inc., and Zisk LLC each shared their latest innovation

that addresses common challenges on today’s dairy farms. To participate in the in-person portion of the event, companies needed to be exhibiting in the WDE Trade Show. Additional startups were involved in the virtual portion of the event.

SmaXtec Inc.

One of the more established companies at the live event during WDE was SmaXtec Inc., creator of the bolus system that continuously collects data from the inside of the cow.

“Being profitable and sustainable is our common goal in the dairy industry,” says Stephan Scherer, founder of SmaXtec Inc. “There are a lot of developments and advancements in technology, but much less at the core: the cow. That’s our focus.”

According to Scherer, a monitoring bolus is inserted into each cow, and it instantly sends data on temperature, rumination and activity to the cloud. The software then gives the farmer the ability to monitor both the herd and individual cow for ketosis, heats, calving and more.

Adam Hurtgen was among the first farmers in the U.S. to try out the SmaXtec Inc. bolus system, and he’s already seen those benefits since installing the system in the fall of 2021.

“As a herd, I believe there are two facets: a whole-herd view, telling you there’s an underlying something you’re missing in your protocol. Then there’s also individual information on the cow that needs help that day. This tool is allowing us to be more efficient with our time,” Hurtgen says.

The 2022 WDE Tech Spotlight will take place on Thursday,

Oct. 6 at 9 a.m. or you can tune in to watch the event online on Thursday, Sept. 15.

Companies featured in the 2022 WDE Tech Spotlight include:

  • Cattle Eye (virtual only)

  •, EIO (virtual only)

  • Labby Inc.

  • milc group

  • Milk Moovement (virtual only)

  • smaXtec Inc. and Nedap

  • Livestock Management


October 5, 2022



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