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World Milk Production Begins New Year Weak

Declining world milk supplies have tightened global dairy markets and contributed to some recent price gains, such as the recent rise in the Global Dairy Trade index. According to Monica Ganley, analyst with the Daily Dairy Report and principal of Quarterra, an agricultural consulting firm in Buenos Aries, “Milk production has been slipping across the world’s main dairy-exporting regions and countries as margin pressures, weather challenges, and regulatory burdens weigh on volumes.”

In October, combined output across the world’s top-five dairy exporters fell 1.2% below year-earlier levels, marking the third consecutive month of contraction and the deepest year-over-year loss since May 2022. The most severe absolute losses occurred in Europe, Ganley said. In the European Union and United Kingdom combined, milk production tumbled 1.7% in October, a drop of 224,000 metric tons (MT).

“The reduction in the EU and UK milk supply represented 70% of the total decline seen across all the key exporters. Industry stakeholders suggest that falling milk prices this past autumn undermined profitability, and as expectations intensified for an increasingly restrictive regulatory environment in Europe, many producers chose to exit the business permanently,” Ganley said.


January 2, 2024



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