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fairlife Crosses the Canadian Border, Now Made from 100% Canadian Milk

Taylor Leach

November 13, 2020

Starting this month, our neighbors to the north will soon be producing their own fairlife products. Additionally, the ultrafiltered milk, which has 50% less sugar and 50% more protein than regular milk, will be made from 100% Canadian dairy.

"We are very proud to announce that fairlife is now made in Canada with 100% Canadian milk," said Darlene Nicosia, President, Coca-Cola Ltd. "We brought fairlife to Canada because we believe its superior taste and nutritional benefits are the perfect fit for Canadian families who are seeking greater balance in their everyday lives."

The company was originally founded by Indiana dairy farmers Mike and Sue McCloskey in 2012, who also own and operate Fair Oaks Farms. The McCloskeys’ formed a joint venture between The Coca-Cola Company and Select Milk Producers, a cooperative started by the McCloskeys in 1994 In January 2020, the Coca-Cola acquired the remaining stake of fairlife LLC from its joint venture partner, Select Milk Producers.

Today, Coca-Cola owns 100% of fairlife LLC, up from its previous 42.5% minority stake.

The brand's journey to become 100% Canadian began in 2018 with an $85 million investment for a new, state-of-art dairy facility in Peterborough, Ontario.

"This has been a great collaboration between Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) and fairlife," said Murray Sherk, DFO Chair. "We are excited to work together with fairlife and further support the Canadian dairy industry."

With the new Canadian product rolling out across the country, Canadians can find 1.5L bottles of fairlife 2% White, 2% Chocolate, Whole and Skim featuring the Canadian Maple Leaf and the Dairy Farmers of Canada "blue cow" logo to honor the brand's new Canadian roots.



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