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John Phipps: The Holy Grail of the Midwest Lies in the Unknown 3rd Crop

U.S. Farm Report viewer Ron Gernhardt in Creswell, Oregon asks a question many of us have spent our lives pondering:

“I really enjoy the show even though the farms, practices, and crops talked about on your show are very different from that of western Oregon. I have seen a shift from grass seed to filbert trees and oil seed crops here. Are there other crops that could be grown to reduce the number of acres of corn and soybeans? We know supply and demand affect prices and recently have seen proof of that. Lower corn and soybean acres would also raise prices during normal times which is a constant topic on the show.”

Ron, the legendary "Third Crop" has been the Holy Grail for the huge number of corn and soy growers for my entire career. I was born just at the twilight of diversified farms in my part of the Midwest. Along with cattle and hogs we grew wheat, oats, and hay crops.

May 2, 2023



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