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Milk Markets Swing Higher

Friday brought on late buying as the milk markets finished the week with a swing back higher. Class III milk showed strength through the second half of the year with July up 43 cents to $20.29 and August 46 cents higher to $20.29/cwt May and June were muted with May finishing the month at $18.60 and June gaining 2 cents to $19.38/cwt.

Class IV milk was more muted despite butter gaining back 6 cents in the spot trade. May at $20.57, June at 20.84, and July at $21.31/cwt.

The CME spot trade had Butter gaining the 6 cents to $3.09/lb with Cheese unchanged - Cheddar Blocks at $1.81 and Barrels at $1.94/lb. The block/barrel spread staying inverted by 13 cents and holding our average price at $1.87 1/2/lb. Powder markets both also finished the week trading green. Dry when up a penny to $0.41 1/2/lb and Grade A Non Fat Dry Whey, up ½ a cent to $1.16 3/4/lb.


May 31, 2024



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