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Organize the Essentials in Your Business

Sarah Beth Aubrey

January 15, 2021

Smart ag business owners know systems and operations, but the best look at workload and people productivity, too. With that in mind, I’d like to share a system to help you scrutinize your operation, the tasks you perform and your workload. It’s called the Essential Priority Matrix.

What is a Matrix?

The title sounds fancy, but it’s actually extremely simple — the true mark of a great tool. Below is a template, but in reality, you could create a matrix with a blank piece of paper. Simply draw two lines on it (one horizontal and one vertical) and then add the labels.

Literally, this thing is “talk it over on the truck bed” simple, yet it’s actually very powerful in what you can accomplish by using it. By looking at tasks, activities, projects, meetings, events, marketing or just about anything you can think of, you can decide several very important things just by placing items in the matrix boxes.

Source: Sarah Beth Aubrey

Simple Strategy to Begin

Give it a try. Take the Essential Priority Matrix and fill in business or operational tasks in each of the boxes using the following instructions.

Use the matrix to really help you make great strides in 2021. These are essential questions that will impact the efficiency and profitability of your operation for years to come.

  • How valuable or not valuable is it?

  • How much work is it, related to the value of it?

  • How well or how poorly is it going right now?

  • What’s the potential future value – or not — of this item?

  • How valued is it by customers?

The Essential Priority Matrix can help you create a road map to evaluate all kinds of decisions and costs.



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