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The director of ag business for the Propane Education and Research Council says propane prices are favorable heading into winter.

Mike Newland says the harvest season was dry and it reduced propane demand. “In total, nationally, our gallons are going to be down for grain drying and that’s a good thing for the farmers listening. But corn in general was dry in the West. As you went to the extreme eastern end of the Corn Belt, we actually saw some pretty normal corn moisture.”

Speaking to Brownfield during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City last week, he says supplies remain steady. “We’re still exporting 60 plus percent of what’s available on the propane side. Pricing is stable because of the grain drying being down and I think it puts us in a really good spot. As we get into the colder months, we start turning on heaters at the house, turning on all the heaters inside the livestock buildings and those types of things.”

November 21, 2023

By Brent Barnett


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