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Dairy has an incredible story about farming efficiency, improved resources, and benefits to the land — but not every farmer has the time to share their story.

The gap in understanding between consumers and the products they eat is ever-widening. Prairie Farms, a dairy cooperative operating in the Midwest and South, addresses this knowledge gap with a video series dispelling common dairy farm myths.

The video series features farmers from among the 700 farm families and 7,000 team members at Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. Throughout the year, the cooperative will be sharing videos on its Facebook and webpage.

“There is so much disinformation about dairy farming in America that I think is mostly because many people have never visited a farm or know what happens on one,” said Darin Copeland, Public Relations Manager for Prairie Farms Dairy. “Our dairy farmers have a great farm-to-table story to tell, so I think it’s important that people hear it. We can’t get everyone to the farm, so the video is a great way to bring the farm and farm-related topics to the consumer.”

The first video in the series features Dan Venteicher and his family. The Venteicher family operates Honey Creek Dairy in Iowa. Unlike some more introverted farmers who prefer to keep out of the limelight, Dan shares about his family farm and the industry on his TikTok and Facebook.

“I want people to have the truth, all of the information before they decide their diets. I don’t think there’s enough information about the dairy industry that’s true and accurate,” Farmer Dan.

The second video of the series features Kraus Family from Kraus Dairy, located in Missouri. The fourth-generation dairy family shares their farm-to-table freshness cycle and animal care methods. The Kraus family is somewhat unique in their production methods with a herd of Jersey and Holstein cross cattle.

“We’re out here working to produce the best and safest products for human consumption,” says Darrel Kraus, president of Kraus Dairy Farm.

The final video of the series features the Griffin family of Valley Grove Dairy in Michigan. The family has been farming for nearly 120 years and discusses essential topics such as the premium diets their cattle consume, milk truck drivers, and animal nutrition.

“Dairy farming is something that we’re born with and love from the time we’re little,” said Jolene Griffin of Valley Grove Dairy. “My family is very connected to dairy, so we’re excited to share a look into our life on the farm.”

Cloe Desirée Juarez

August 24, 2022

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