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Whey Market Appears to be Tightening

Following months of price weakness, it appears demand for whey products is picking up, especially high-protein whey protein concentrates (WPCs). And that’s helping to lift prices across the whey complex.

“Much to the surprise of many in the industry, dry whey rose to 42 cents per pound in mid-November, which given the September fundamentals seemed illogical,” said Betty Berning, analyst with the Daily Dairy Report. “But inventories of dry whey peaked at 88.5 million pounds in August, a five-year high, and then declined somewhat into September, suggesting demand could have picked up.”

According to USDA data, domestic disappearance of dry whey has been running ahead of 2022 utilization in six of the first eight months of this year, and use increased consistently between May and August. Exports, however, have been declining. Dry whey exports of 34.3 million pounds in September fell more than 31% compared to September 2022.


November 21, 2023


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