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Women in Dairy Network launched

January 9, 2020

Krissa Welshans

The International Dairy Foods Assn. (IDFA) has launched the Women in Dairy Network to continue building knowledge and expertise as well as to cultivate leadership across the industry -- a mission of IDFA since its inception.

The Women in Dairy Network brings together established leaders with young professionals to create a forum that fosters mentoring, supports development, builds networking opportunities and encourages leadership. The Women in Dairy Network will support the future of the industry in four important ways:

1. Provide a venue for women to support each other as they advance or start their careers in dairy;

2. Connect established leaders with up-and-coming professionals;

3. Offer a platform for women to discuss unique or similar challenges and to work together to create shared strategies for advancing their careers, and

4. Bring together women in all sorts of venues, from virtual to in person, to learn, mentor and share best practices. 

The concept for the Women in Dairy Network began at Dairy Forum 2019 — the dairy industry’s premier event for sharing knowledge, analyzing trends and networking — during a discussion spearheaded by IDFA senior vice president of regulatory affairs Cary Frye. Since that time, dozens of leaders and passionate professionals from across the dairy industry have offered their support for the network, including their time and expertise.

The Women in Dairy Network will mark its formal launch at Dairy Forum 2020, happening Jan. 26-29 in Scottsdale, Ariz., with a series of sessions and special events for the Women in Dairy Network Advisory Council and others interested in joining.

“IDFA is proud to launch the Women in Dairy Network to build a stronger, more resilient and more diverse dairy industry for the future,” said Tracy Boyle, director of employee relations and administrative services at IDFA and coordinator for the new network. “The network will empower, encourage and support women in the dairy industry through leadership development, mentoring and networking events.”

Dr. Michael Dykes, IDFA president and chief executive officer, added, “As the one organization committed to advocating to ensure America’s dairy companies and people have the tools and resources they need to innovate and grow, IDFA is so pleased to offer the Women in Dairy Network as a platform to move our industry forward in a collaborative way.”

The network will be guided by an advisory council of industry leaders from IDFA member companies and partners.



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